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Introduction Examples

Recipes using chimpi

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Introduction Examples

Introduction Examples
  • Shichimi togarashi (one of the ingredients)
  • Ingredient of curry power
  • Herbal medicine: Medicinal cooking, distilled liquor with herbal medicine, medicinal soup, etc.
  • Seasoning for pickles
  • Health tea
  • Seasoning for Chinese cooking: Chimpi is particularly suited for meat, such as chicken, pork, and beef. It is often used in meat dishes.
  • Tangerine flavored rice cake, Tangerine flavored rice
  • Chimpi are used in various foods.
  • As feed stuff:Chimpi has been often used for feedstuff in order to improve the quality of meat in respect to bio-regulation functional ingredients and tastes. (Introduction of Branding strategy)
  • As a fertilizer: Some customers utilize chimpi as a fertilizer.
    Specifically, it is used for tomatoes grown outdoors. It is reported that chimpi strengthens tomatoes against diseases and increases the sweetness.
    We also recommend it as a way of soil improvement.
  • Chimpi is good as a bath agent or a detergent, too.
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