SUN X SANEI Co., Ltd. processes and sells dried tangerine peel superior in quality under our
funding philosophy of bringing food safety assurance and good taste.
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Products and Technology

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Products and Technology

Our Technology

Our company has two firms of our own in Kyushu area. They are for drying process. Tangerine peel is dried and made into chimpi. (Primary processing)
Chimpi is brought to Yaizu firm in Shizuoka, and ground. (secondary processing)
Then chimpi is packed and ready to market.
We systematically ensure food safety using the following procedure.

Step 1 Preprocessing (Selection by visual checks)

Preprocessing (Selection by visual checks)

During preprocessing, tangerine peel is checked visually.

Step 2 Intermediate process (Heat treatment)

Intermediate process (Heat treatment)

During this process, tangerine peel is treated with heat.

Step 3 Intermediate process (Metal detector)

Intermediate process (Metal detector)

Dried peel is subjected to metal detector as a part of intermediate process.

Step 4 Intermediate process (Air classifier)

Intermediate process (Air classifier)

Dried peel is selected by air classifier as a part of intermediate process.

Step 5 Post-processing (Selection by visual checks)

Post-processing (Selection by visual checks)

During post-processing, tangerine peel is checked visually.

Step 6 Post-processing (Metal detector)

Post-processing (Metal detector)

Tangerine peel is checked with metal detector as the final check.

Each magnet contains 12,000 gauss.

A magnet with 12,000 gauss is disposed at every important point. We are improving facilities. Placing emphasis on 'positive list system' and 'traceability' in terms of management, we carry out periodic inspections of residual pesticide. We are in pursuit of higher safety by organizing our system and conducts and enhancing product management.

Product Line-up

You will find the explanation of our products. Chimpi is classified, in order of size, as whole, granule, powder, fine powder. Following are the details.

Chimpi Whole
  • Whole, large (whole tangerine peel through one sixth)
  • Whole, small (roughly crushed ) ※A
  • Whole, very small (roughly crushed )※B
  • 6-18 mesh
  • 10-18 mesh
  • 16-40 mesh
  • 20-40 mesh
  • 32 mesh, 50 mesh, 60 mesh
  • 70 mesh, 80 mesh
Fine Powder
  • Crushed powder※C

These are our products. The items withare ready made and standard products. Others are order made.

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